Andrew Savage

Andrew is the General Manager of Business Development and Operational Excellence within Global Sourcing and Supply Chain at MTN Group. Appointed to this role in September 2019, he has overall responsibility for the Operational Excellence team at MTN Group which encompasses a number of different functions from process and governance, through to advanced analytics and data science. He is part of the Senior Management team at GSSC who control an annual spend of $12 billion across 21 operations and two continents.

Andrew brings 17 years of experience within the procurement and supply chain domain, of which 14 years have been spent within the telecoms sector in Africa and the Middle East. Andrew started his career in the supply chain industry in the UK, with one of the world’s largest multi modal logistics providers. He then relocated to UAE where he worked in management consulting within the telco industry. He joined MTN in 2014 in a consulting role and quickly progressed to Senior Manager and then General Manager.

Since joining MTN, Andrew has been instrumental in delivering a significant impact on the digitisation strategy of MTN Group’s sourcing and supply chain management business. Building on his experiences within a number of other operators, he set out a clear vision of delivering a roadmap and framework around procurement digitalisation with the single goal to develop and nurture an agile and well governed procurement organisation with a laser focussed approach to data driven decision making. Fast forward a couple of years and GSSC have implemented an impressive digitalisation strategy which sees the use of AI and machine learning across many use cases, including their recommendation engine and even an AI assistant, GeSSiCa, who handles the mundane tasks of the buying teams.

The use of in house developed applications such as DSA (Decision Support Application) and BoOM (Business prOcess autOMation) have helped to streamline and support decision making through advanced data analytics as well as bring visibility to the entire procurement value chain.

Andrew has been instrumental in driving sourcing performance through delivering additional insights which added more than 25% of external revenues for the sourcing function. Furthermore, he is part of the Senior Management team who delivered business transformation which increased the EBITDA results of the sourcing business by more than 30%

Aside of his day-to-day responsibilities, Andrew is a frequent speaker and presenter on digital topics within the procurement industry.