ASCA Conference | 13 -14 March 2024
Made in Africa | 14 March 2024
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Africa Supply Chain in Action

4th Annual Africa Supply Chain in Action (ASCA), is the continent’s premier annual online conference and networking event for procurement and supply chain professionals.

ASCA gathers practitioners from across Africa, regardless of their expertise, to exchange knowledge and connect.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment featuring esteemed global and African supply chain leaders, insightful case studies, dedicated one-on-one networking sessions, and a diverse selection of relevant tracks. ASCA is uniquely positioned to deliver the finest skills, strategies, and world-class solutions that will propel Africa into the future.

Now entering its fourth year, ASCA 2024 remains steadfast in its objective of fostering professional development and fostering networking opportunities for supply chain and procurement entities, practitioners, and industry thought leaders.

ASCA’s unwavering commitment lies in inclusivity, ensuring that no one in procurement and supply chain is left behind. As such, the event is free for all supply chain and procurement professionals, reinforcing our dedication to fostering collaboration and growth in the industry.

Featuring Made in Africa

Made in Africa (MIA), is Africa’s biggest online platform connecting African businesses with purchasing decision makers. Now in its 3rd year, MIA runs alongside ASCA, creating a powerful synergy.

Buy Africa, for Africa

Our core objective is simple: Buy Africa, for Africa. MIA’s conference program is designed to provide local suppliers with a practical roadmap to access cross-border trade opportunities and strengthen African trade linkages.

MIA goes beyond presentations; it offers dedicated networking sessions where buyers and sellers from across the continent can connect, engage, and explore business opportunities one on one.

Join us at Made in Africa and be part of an event that empowers African businesses and drives economic growth across the continent.

The ASCA Nation Movement - Borderless Country Participation

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