Vaughan Zoutendyk

National Head: Training & Education Division

Vaughan heads up learning and development – training and facilitation work for Commerce Edge South Africa, his core skills include: Direct Sales, Key Account Management, Sales Management,Managing People (coaching and empowering and aligning to KPIs), Sales Strategy Development, Public Speaking and Facilitation Skills, Contract Management and renewals, Strong People Skills,

Attention to Detail (Analytical), Process orientated (Methodical), Team Alignment.Vaughan holds a diploma in Marketing, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree – Marketing and Financial Planning Institute (ILPA) qualification. Some of the corporate companies he has worked with are DStv /Multichoice, ABI, Standard Bank, Tunleys.

Experiential Learning:

Vaughan is a strong believer in creating the right environment through coaching for people to learn experientially. In simple terms, experiential learning to Vaughan refers to “individuals learning from within themselves” rather than simply being instructed. There is a moment of truth when the light bulb comes on from within that empowers people to be different. This empowerment seldom comes from external instruction, coaching “the Unwilling”.One of the most frequent questions Vaughan has received during coaching sessions from line managers was – “How do you coach someone who is unwilling to be coached”. While there is no short answer to this question, he has seen people change. In his coaching sessions Vaughan has seen people labelled as “unmanageable” change overtime. It is most rewarding. It takes skill and patience and very good people skills.

Personal work history and credentials

The most exciting and rewarding part of Vaughan’s training and coaching work has been to see the practical application of learning. He has been fortunate to have been in the field with several interventions with customers. Part of that infield work was to assess the level of application of things learnt, to provide feedback to the learner and also to assess the challenges that are posed for this application. People learn new skills by doing, observing the effect and receiving feedback. Vaughan’s activities are not just theoretical. He is responsible for individuals and their performance in business. Besides the tools available for coaching and the processes to coach people in business, people skills, in his opinion, remain the most important skill to get the best performance from the teams. A line manager without good people skills will struggle to reach optimum performance levels from his /her team. So can these skills be learnt? Yes, they can. A lot of it is common sense.