Prof Olinga Ta’eed

Olinga Ta’eed PhD FIoD is Visiting Professor in Blockchain at Birmingham City University, Council Member and Expert Advisor at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s ’China E-Commerce Blockchain Committee’ which has oversight of 70% of the global US£ 103 trillion market. He is Founder of the not-for-profit Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), the world’s leading Think Tank on the Movement of Value (measurement, transaction and delivery) with over 170,000 members. He is Chief Editor of Frontiers in Blockchain with 477 editors, Social Value & Intangibles Review with 125 editors, and UK government sponsored Efficiency Exchange. He invented the Social Earnings Ratio – called “The God Metric” by The Vatican, the metric used to underpin procurement legislation for UK Social Value Act 2012, Modern Slavery Act 2015, 2% CSR laws in India, Indonesia and Mauritius, and 5 EU commissions. In 2019 he was appointed Chair of Transparent Transnational Procurement Foundation (TTP) focusing on 4th industrial revolution technologies (DLT, AI, IoT, 5G) with over 40,000 members which released the Coronavirus Clearance Certificate project in 2020.