Mbuyi Mtsheketshe, Director

Mbuyi is the founder and CEO of LIMA Procurement Pty Ltd, a web-based Procurement Management System that connects bidders (suppliers) with supply chain administrators in a secure and transparent environment. The system which is build on the Supplyblock platform makes the best use of current technologies to ensure best efficiency in the creation and management of procurement data. Designed to assist both the client and the bidders thru efficiency, digital scoring. The system allows clients and their suppliers / service providers access and easy to use web platform with state of the art features that are customizable and further developable. Our procurement solutions address current enterprise and supplier challenges by utilizing state of the art technology.

Mbuyi has had a long and distinguished career in marketing, business development, Transformation and more recently in the Procurement facilitation space. Having studied a Bachelor of Administration Honours at the University of the Western Cape , Mbuyi has the ability to connect concepts with reality. His grasp of the strategic imperatives within BEE saw his appointment as the Group Corporate Affairs & Transformation Manager for the Oceana Group for 9 years before he joined Tendersure and Vendorsure as Director and Head of Business Development. Mbuyi brings a wealth of proven experience in tendering environment and accelerating organizational growth through improved competitive bidding operational efficiencies, enhanced tendering process and assist companies in rigorous cost reduction controls. He has been involved in Enterprise and Supplier Development space for more than 10 years.