Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is presently Chairman of Industrial Logistic System (Pty) Ltd, a leading Warehousing and Supply Chain Consultancy in South Africa.

Martin has designed and implemented over 500 warehouse facilities in South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His clients include the “who’s who” of the industry and he is known for his practical and pragmatic approach to solving industry problems.

Martin is an active member and has been on council (as chairman) of several institutes in Southern Africa. He is also involved in promoting education in the Supply Chain industry in South Africa.

Before joining Industrial Logistic Systems Martin worked as a lecturer at The University of Witwatersrand and was a co-founder of the University’s Materials Handling Research Unit and Deputy Director of the University’s Technology Centre. Martin has supervised dozens of post graduate dissertations, and has presented many papers on warehousing & distribution throughout the world.  Martin is also a regular contributor to many journals and has helped set many of the standards used in the local distribution industry.