Karen Shippey

Chief Director: Environmental Sustainability

Ms Karen Shippey has a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Geographical Science and over 20 years of work experience. Whilst her post-graduate studies focussed on Sustainable Development, her work experience took her into the world of infrastructure development working as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner. She joined the Western Cape Government in 2011 and became Chief Director: Environmental Sustainability for the Western Cape in 2015. This role saw her providing oversight and leadership across the Provincial Climate Change, Green Economy Sustainability, Biodiversity and Coastal Management portfolios.

Her interest in the potential of strategic public procurement leverage Green Economy growth developed in close collaboration with the Western Cape Provincial Treasury team. Her team’s United Nations funded Sustainable Public Procurement project is a first for the continent. Ms Shippey is also currently seconded to the Provincial Disaster Management Centre to assist with the Drought Response.