Jaco Maass

Jaco Maass is the General Manager of SHIFT DX, a next-generation business services division, which forms part of his responsibility to lead the digital transformation of the BKB Group. BKB has been viewed as a leader in the incorporation of industry 4.0 technologies in its business, which includes the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Mr Maass will give us a view on the significant market trends in the agricultural industry and how a 100-year old business is dealing with the modern challenges of the business world. Jaco Maass grew up in the Western Cape. He has a degree B.Agric. Admin and MBA from Stellenbosch University and has worked in the citrus industry, Absa Business Bank and BKB AgriFin. BKB saw potential in his love for data analytics and appointed him as the CIO in 2013. Under his leadership, the ICT Department of BKB became a world leader as a business enabler and industry disruptor.