Gary Benatar

Gary Benatar – CEO, Relog, South Africa & Peter Njonjo – CEO & Co-Founder, Twiga Foods, Kenya.
The Twiga Story – a story of African ingenuity

Twiga has revolutionised food supply to the informal, independent, and small traders in Kenya.  Founded in 2014, Twiga Foods leveraged on its technology to aggregate the requirements of the informal retailers through its m-commerce platform and to efficiently source produce directly from farmers and food manufacturers. By doing so, the organisation has created a more transparent and efficient supply chain, delivering the product directly to the retailers and reducing post-harvest losses on fresh produce.  Join Gary and Peter as they share with you the learnings and challenges of this exciting project.

Gary Benatar is a founding partner and CEO of Relog – a retail and logistics consulting firm specializing in developing competitive distribution strategies, Infrastructure, and operations.  Prior to Relog, Gary was the managing director and founder of Industrial Logistic Systems (ILS), Gary’s expertise and passion lie in the retail supply chain and logistics sector. He has been influential to every major retailer in South Africa. He is considered an expert in distribution management systems, retail supply chains, and logistics efficiency. A notable influence Gary has had on the local South African landscape is his key role in implementing Centralised Distribution models. Gary has presented papers on supply chain re-engineering, warehouse management systems, productivity, and operational best practice at numerous conferences including SAPICS.