Fanie Sithabela, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer

Is the Chief Entrepreneurship Officer and founder of Malvolaar Holdings — a three-division company Malvolaar Consulting, Malvolaar Media, and Malvolaar Investments) based in Gauteng. In his role, Mr Sithabela spearheads long-term partnerships with clients to yield innovative and impactful business solutions.

Over the years, Fanie has acquired multiple qualifications from various institutions, including a Small Business Management and Micro MBA with Trident Management Institute, NMP in General Management and Business Principles from Wits Business School, as well as Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training through GIBS. Enterprise Supplier Development course with Commerce Edge Academy and Project Management in Procurement. Mr Sithabela believes that combining talent and skills is vital, he therefore continues to equip his experience with skills he acquires along the way.

Fanie Sithabela has 13 years of experience as a consultant, business mentor, and a business strategist in the areas of entrepreneurship, SMMEs, and Cooperatives Development. Through actively operating in the business space, Fanie has also gained experience in numerous facets of business such as Business Development Support, ESD, Product Development, Risk Management, Business Intelligence, Business Planning, and many more.

Fanie Sithabela has been awarded the silver award at the Future 100 Awards in 2010, the Gold award as the Emerging Young Marketer of the year 2011 at the Premier Marketing Awards. Finalist at the South African Youth Awards 2012. Finalist at the SA Premier Business Awards 2013. Top 10 finalists for Egoli Region at the SAB – Kick-start 2012 and become the Egoli Regional Judges Panel for SABKickstart 2014 and national adjudicator for 2015 class. Board member AB InBev Youth Business 2018. Advisory board member SAICA Enterprise Development 2017.  Adjudicator and Business Advisor for Gauteng Economic Development (GEP)2016-2018 2018/19 Lean Business Platform Digital Advisor.