Adebayo Adeleke

Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic leader with global insights on a wide array of issues. His profound knowledge and expertise in the fields of Emerging markets, Risk Management and Security, Supply Chain Management and
Logistics, Leadership and Geopolitics, Diversity and Inclusion, makes him a positive influencer and generator of authentic ideas and novel scenarios that birth winning experiences for individuals, organizations, and governments.

As a seasoned combat veteran of the United States Army with 20 years of service, and a sterling example of how immigrants have immensely contributed and sacrificed in making America the great nation it is today, Adebayo is a consummate professional who exemplifies the spirit of immigrants in America.

Adebayo currently serves as a Managing Partner at Pantote Solutions LLC (Dallas, TX) – a company that provides Advisory and Consulting services in Supply Chain Management, Development Services, Supply Chain Innovation, and Research. He is also a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Sam Houston State University. He has also released a Supply Chain and Risk Management certificate course which is designed for Supply chain rookies and veterans.

With about a decade’s worth of amassed experience and interest in Supply Chain and Risk Management, Adebayo has deployed his skills in boardrooms, training rooms, tertiary classrooms, conferences and advanced knowledge sharing platforms both in austere and friendly regions across diverse cultures all over the world.