Made In Africa

ABOUT Made In Africa

In 2020, Africa’s Supply Chain and Procurement Profession came together online for the first time in response to the New Tomorrow at the Africa Supply Chain in Action Conference (#ASCA2020). 986 Professionals from 44 African countries representing both private and public sector entities identified a common objective: to harness procurement for socio-economic growth. Buy Africa, for Africa.

They intend to grow their network by directly connecting with African businesses.

Made in Africa will bring the entire African ecosystem together for a two day high impact online programme.Purchasing decision-makers, policy makers, investors and local businesses from across the continent will be brought together to learn, engage and do business. Smart Procurement World, in Partnership with SAPICS will bring African businesses to the fore by highlighting their potential and hopefully giving rise to new success stories through the procurement audience that we are connecting them with.

Get To Network With:

  • Professionals from 54 countries
  • 60+ international speakers
  • 1000 local businesses
  • 1000s of purchasing managers
  • Access to an exclusive online continental community


The intent is for this gathering to kickstart a movement that achieves measurable impact, access to market opportunities, and economic growth across industry sectors. There is no time like now for the whole continent to unite and work together to enable local business and cross border trade.

A number of interventions, regulations and trade policies exist, however there is still a need to create a clear roadmap to connect the right decision and policy makers with relevant businesses and for trade linkages to be facilitated.

Who can attend

  • Purchasing decision-makers
  • Policy makers
  • Investors
  • Local businesses

Targeted Industries

  • Mining, Construction
  • Petrochemical and Energy Transportation
  • Freight and Logistics
  • ICT
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture / Agri processing
  • Pharma and Healthcare
  • Services and Consulting

Testimonials from ASCA 2020

“The biggest takeaway for me is that Africa stands to be one of the globe’s key traders, with supply chain at the core of its policies and huge potential to grow the continent’s various economies.” ~

Adenike Onasoga, Supply Chain Professional, Nigeria

“The fact is that COVID-19 has tested our limits and forced us to be self sufficient within our continent. Solutions by Africa for Africa.”

Haleema Idris, Supply Chain Professional, England, United Kingdom