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Louise Wiggett

One can best describe Louise as a serial entrepreneur with a passion for identifying opportunities that can fundamentally change & improve the way things work. After completing her accounting articles and a stint in the corporate world she realized that starting something new and building it into an innovative and sustainable initiative/business is where her passion lies. She has continued with this approach and have founded a number of start up companies and taken them to maturity. In addition she have completed a number of projects within the context of these organizations that have fundamentally changed the way things are done.

She is passionate about building companies from within by attracting talented and innovative professionals. Offering over 25 years of experience and leadership in International Trade, Logistics, Supply Chain, Customs and the Information Technology industry along with an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking mindset and demonstrated track record of accomplishments.

She is passionate about digital and processes transformation, which drives not only trade facilitation, but also lowers costs and optimizes business activities across a wide variety of industries and across the globe.   

Identifying opportunities and areas for trade facilitation has become critically important to ensure that the international trade flows can be optimized and is a big focus and priority area for her.

Environmental conservation, MSME and Women in Trade has over the years become a particular area of focus and interest.

Louise holds several degrees in accounting, economics and information technology and completed a number of international trade, supply chain and logistics diplomas.

She further regularly contributes to industry white papers, research and policy matters and frequently speaks and participates on matters relating to the international supply chain and logistics as well as customs and other trade related matters.