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Elmarie Goosen

Elmarie Goosen has spent the last 7 years training, coaching and mentoring small business owners across a range of industries. 

Coming from a Procurement and Customer Experience background in corporate, Elmarie’s main focus was to help small business owners understand how to engage with corporate clients, how to build relationships, people do business with people after all, and how to stand out above the rest.

With over 20 years experience in corporate and 7 years in SME development Elmarie has a unique understanding of the needs of both the buyer and the vendor. She has made it her mission to help these 2 groups to work better together. Her unique understanding of both sides is educating Procurement professionals to cultivate empathy for the specific challenges SMEs face whilst helping SMEs to be better prepared for what the customer expects from them.

Elmarie has trained and mentored more than 3000 small businesses since she started her own consultancy, and in March 2020 decided to shake things up a bit.

Businesses are owned by people so if the people are in a good space the business will do better, and if the Business is doing well, the people will be doing well. 

With this simple nugget at the core, Elmarie founded the Clinic with Purpose, a platform to help small businesses do business with each other. It is also a place for small business owners to find consultants, training and coaches who are all specialists in their area and run their own businesses. If a business owner needs support from someone who has walked the walk, this is where they will find it.

Elmarie is passionate about bringing a holistic development experience to small business owners through service providers that are practical, experts in their area and small business owners themselves.

Elmarie lived in England for 17 years and moved back to South Africa where she works in English and braai in Afrikaans. She lives on a farm in Hartbeespoortdam with her husband and accomplice of the last 25 years, 6 cats, 4 dogs, 29 chickens (at the last count) and a hadida called Frik.