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Azukaego Chukwuelue

A Business professional, with over 20 years experience in Sub Saharan Africa, I have a track record of helping organizations rethink their Supply Chain and Commercial structures, proffering solutions and building business systems focussed on sustainability, profitability and revenue growth; via strategic stakeholder engagement and optimal output across the value chain. My success enablers are a dedication to excellence, the ability to follow things to a reasonable conclusion looking end to end and the ability to sieve through clutter and get to the root of the matter while creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Beyond my work, I mentor young ladies with a goal for ensuring that all women have the skills and capabilities that will enable them earn a seat at the table on merit. My passion comes from personal experiences where, for a good part of my career I was the only female in the room and was successful via leaders and peers who gave their time and resources to mentor me. ‘When I look back at the meaningful contributions I made, and challenges surmounted, I see the room would have benefited from more women’ hence I actively create platforms for women to hone their skills and showcase their talent. I do this through Truss Empowerment Foundation; a nonprofit focused on creating real value for young women by enhancing their economic power; encouraging and enabling them to build capabilities that allow successful engagement in stereotyped roles especially in the Supply chain space. The organization runs an internship program for young minds getting them ready for professional and business growth by empowering participants to make the pivot into Supply chain through Networking opportunities as well as an MBA course content and actual problem-based learning opportunities for managing complex supply chains while Learning Team-building dynamics and skills.